In the mid-1970s, a group of young Covington and Oxford parents formed a Montessori early childhood program in a house near Newton Medical Center. I was one of the first students in that program, as were several children who are now prominent business owners and professionals in the area. Two of us now have our children enrolled at MSC. I well remember my classmates and the activities in which we took part--painting on easels outside in the sunshine with tempura paints, threading beads in myriad combinations, decyphering tangram patterns and creating my own, sitting under the big oak while a violinist introduced us to the instrument and let us each take a turn at the bow while he fingered the notes, and even designing an elaborate blueprint on a long roll of paper (though I've forgotten the structure--something to do with underground caves, passages, and pipes). Montessori methods fostered my sense of independence, encouraged my natural creativity, and bolstered my confidence. I'm so glad my sons have an opportunity locally for the same kind of educational experience, particularly in their youngest years. MSC can be an alternative educational track through secondary level, or it can offer an excellent beginning and framework for 3-5 year olds who then move into the public school system.
— Erik Oliver, former student and current parent